Thursday, June 10, 2010

Information about our readings

General information about Readings we offer~*

For all of the readings we will need a picture and a full name of the person that we will be doing the reading for. This helps us connect and specify the needs of the individual. If you feel comfortable supplying your birth date, that would be helpful also, but not everyone is comfortable with that.

3 Question Reading~*

Please supply us with three questions you would like answered. Please do not ask dates or direct yes or no questions. Dates mess with the natural alignment of the events foretold. The Sisters of Fate love to play games with people who focus on a specific date and simple answers. If you would prefer dates and times we strongly suggest a good astrologist, though this still leaves room for the Fates to make mischief.

If you are looking to see the sequence of events as they unfold, refer back to your reading like a map. Use the equation, if this happened, then this should be next in order to prepare yourself.

Full Aspect Reading~*

This type of reading requires no questions, but if you would like to supply us with a little insight into your situation and why you are asking for the reading, it will aid us in giving you a more specified, and personal accounting of the 12 aspects as we unfold them.

In Closing~*

Please be advised: If you are having trouble with your reading I. E. Per say you are not liking the negative aspects to a reading you have had from us. Bear in mind that turning the cards is the revealing of a spiritual framework. It is merely a wood and nails frame, not a brick house with a foundation. You are in control of your own destiny. Utilize the reading in order to make conscious changes in your day to day, moment to moment life in order to change the end result following a negative reading. Nothing in this life or the next is written in stone.

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